Monday, 5 October 2015


#Telepathy is the ability to read another person's mind.  It is not limited to human being alone.  Even Plants and animals communicate through telepathy.  So all living things can communicate soul to soul among themselves using telepathy.

An Exercise for Practice – Play using cards:

Two sets of five cards each, containing pictures of animals like the panda, giraffe, elephant, bear or deer, should be taken, one set for the child and one set for the mother.

The five cards should be lined up face up in front of the child and face down in front of the mother.  The mother takes one of these cards in the hand, stares at it intensely, retains the image on her brain, and says to child, “From among your five cards, pick up the same card that I have in my hand now.”

Do this five times.  Out of the five attempts, the child will probably do well and choose the correct card once, at first.  With further attempts, the child will succeed all five times.

Like telepathy, there are various other extraordinary capabilities such as clairvoyance, precognition, #ESP etc.  These capabilities, like any other skill or talent can be mastered only by practice.

Children are born ready to learn and interested in the world around them.  It is natural for them to use all their abilities to learn.  From birth, children are learning about themselves, other people and the world around them and playing an active role in their own learning and development.

ESP is one of the right brain abilities. Through right brain education and simulative trainings ESP can be developed. Scientists and Researchers have found that in the Fetus the brain develops rapidly and that the development of right hemisphere is highly active than the left hemisphere. Thus the Extra-Sensory Perception forms the Right brain senses similar to the left brain senses (sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell).  But more often than not ESP is being associated with mind reading, predicting future, moving objects with their minds etc., but scientists like Schichida refer ESP as the right brain senses (telepathy, clairvoyance, tactility, precognition, and telekinesis).

According to Makato Schichida’s explanation, the right brain senses are to be understood as the energy waves and the vibration of particles on the subatomic level. Many of us are aware that the brain produces electrical energy and then they are transmitted through nerve like structures to the cells of the body. These cells act as the ESP receptors. The impulses transmitted by the brain cells are called brain waves.

Since all matter is made up of vibrating particles that transmit energy waves, there is a connection between human brain and everything around us.  Similarly Children are also surrounded by energy waves and they absorb those energy waves. Thus parents have to be careful in choosing what they expose to their child. Children may not be seen consciously paying attention to something, but they learn or absorb involuntarily.

Every Child has amazing learning capabilities and if they are given proper stimulation and guidance primarily focusing on right brain development all their inborn talents like Photographic Memory, Multiple Languages learning skill, Creativity, Amazing rapid calculation ability and ESP can be nurtured well.

MySMartBaby training comprises such whole brain development lessons to train Infants and Toddlers as recommended by Makato Schichida and Dr. Glen Doman.

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