Monday, 12 October 2015

MySmartBaby Vijayadhasami Offer !

It is the dream of every parent that their child must become a Super Achiever in all spheres of life. While their dream for the child is the First Step, knowing what to do & how to go about is even more important.

When today's infants and toddlers grow up to face the challenges of the society two decades from now, they will fail to cope if they are raised in an environment of old and outdated standards.

The greatest challenge in front of parents today is knowing and understanding the latest developments in brain theory and using them with their kids to give them a cutting edge to face the challenges they will face about two decades from

During the past 20 years, research on the front and the new born has made tremendous progress and revolutionary new knowledge has been gained.

It has been found that the new born can from birth comprehend words, numbers and amazingly use the memory function. The new born is a genius with some amazing powers hidden inside.

#MySmartBaby trains #Moms to nurture the genius in a child.


On the occasion of Vijayadhasami, MySmartBaby is happy to announce a further discount of Rs.1000/- Order Now and give your Child a brilliant beginning.   

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