Monday, 26 October 2015

Did You Know that your baby can Read and do math as well?

Researches on Fetus and the newborn has made tremendous progress in the past few decades.  We are now in the possession of revolutionary new knowledge. 

This knowledge tells us that newborn children can, from birth comprehend words, numbers and make amazing use of the memory function.  Babies soak up information like sponges.  While learning continues throughout life, the first few weeks add up to a remarkable time for explosive learning and growth.

A very close and appropriate example of this is the way in which your baby learns the mother tongue.  No parent takes any special effort in teaching the mother tongue to the baby. Baby just hears through its ears the sounds of the words and the sentences you use, while his eyes record the actions that go along with the sounds, words and sentences.

These are correlated and recorded in baby’s brain in the form of neuron connections.  Similarly, when same words are used in a different context, they are also recorded as said before.

The beauty is that every baby comes to this world with an inborn algorithm that helps it make these correlations and decipher the meaning with respect to the given context.  This is how a baby, much before starts speaking, can still understand words and meaning and respond.

By now, the implication of this knowledge should be clear to you.  The sooner the baby receives sensory stimulation and opportunity for mobility and language expression, the more likely the brain growth, development and skills will be optimized. 

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