Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What actually determines the intelligence?

If all of us have the same number of neurons, then what is that makes a few people more intelligent, more successful than others? What makes one student smarter than the other?

What actually determines the intelligence and success of a person is the number of NEURO CONNECTIONS that happen in the brain.  The more and more that neurons get interconnected with one another, the more intelligent, analytical, creative and communicative one becomes.

So, the question is, 'Is it possible to trigger these neuro connections to form specific patterns?'

The answer is "YES"  The type and number of neuro connections that happen in a human brain depends upon the external stimuli given to the brain.  We need to activate the correct parts of the brain to achieve specific results.

It is true that by stimulating the brain, more neuro connections can be made to happen, then it is equally true that there is no limit to the level of intelligence that one can reach.

Research shows that in the lifetime of a human being, the best age to nurture such a holistic development by activating and stimulating the brain is the first few months after birth, then the first 3-4 months and in an extended manner, the first fourteen years.  In fact, it is today a well-known fact that a major portion of a child's brain development (IQ & EQ) takes place during the first 3-4.  The brain has an infinite capacity to absorb things during this period.

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