Monday, 28 September 2015

The Law of Diminishing Learning Ability

Newborns have miraculous capabilities and that is why they are geniuses.

The younger a human being is, the greater is his / her ability to learn.  Many parents do not know that the miraculous capabilities of a newborn disappear rapidly if unattended to.  Not just parents but teachers are also unaware of this fact and they overlook this important early Childhood period and let it slip away. 

At eight years of age, the special aptitudes virtually disappear completely.  Six is the age when they become fixed or stationary.  Therefore, whatever has been well learnt and cultivated in the child before the age of six, remains with the child throughout his / her life.  Be it reading, writing, maths, science, general knowledge, discipline, values or anything for that matter.

These points also hold the answer to the question about what we can do to positively influence the development of the child’s brain.

The more stimulation we provide to the child’s brain and the more experience we create for the child, the better the development of the brain.  In fact, stimulation and experience is critical to optimize child’s growth and development.

Newer findings in the field of brain research emphasize the need for such stimulation and sensory programs for Babies and recommend mothers to be the most active facilitators.  Further to this Neuroscientists and researchers add that the stimulation and experience be provided from the time the baby is in the womb.

Brain the key to unlock the child’s potential and the right time to start training #babies is from Day Zero. How well you, as parents provide an opportunity and what kind of exposure you give to your child will determine his or her success, not just in school but also in the journey of life.

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