Monday, 21 September 2015

Active Right Brain Period is 0 to 6 years

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While it is said that the right brain develops upto the age of six it has also been observed that major portion of this development takes place by the time the child is three years old.

It was thought that the right and left hemispheres in the human brain are unequal and that the left hemisphere was more superior.  However, research proves that the development of the right hemisphere is far more in the fetus stage itself even before the left brain hardly starts developing.
It is from the age of three that the left brain starts developing and when the child starts schooling, the left brain gains dominance because of the simple fact that the education methods are predominantly left brain centric.

If the facts about brain development were understood and a right platform is provided to a child in very early ages, it is very easily possible to help children develop the super capabilities of the right brain and make them a genius.

For example, let us consider the ability of a new born to instantaneously solve complicated calculations.  A proven fact is that all children have this supercomputing ability in the first six years and can be mastered easily.

To reiterate, children in their first six years have the following special functions of the right brain:

1.      ESP Ability
2.      Photographic Memory Ability
3.      Computer like Calculative Ability
4.      Perfect Pitch Ability
5.      Language Acquisition Ability

It is because of this unique right brain function that babies are geniuses at learning words.  In language acquisition, there is right brain learning and left brain learning; the first six years is the period of learning language with the right hemisphere of the brain. 

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